This is your Welcome Mat for this blog.

So brush off your feet and step inside, let's have a lil chat!

I am happy to have you along with me on this journey.

This blog is my proverbial "soap box" and "back porch swing with cup of herbal tea".

For those who have walked along with me on any part of this journey we call life on Earth, you'll know that I have frequently spent time "chatting" or  "soap box" style talking to folks wherever and whenever our paths happen to cross.  I do enjoy a fun chat, a helpful conversation, or a just sharing some advise.

If you've participated in conversation(s) like that with me, thank you for your company while we've walked that daily path!  I hope the conversation was worth the time it cost you!

Many of those conversation participants have said that I should put my words in print so that they could be shared and re-read later.  This is my effort to do just that.  Hopefully it will be helpful and beneficial to those who come along to spend a few minutes to read, relate, learn, share and enjoy.

If you find my words here on this blog or words we've shared in person to be helpful, inspiring and worth your time, please do me the favor, honor and blessing of sharing this blog with your friends!

Thank You!

If you are interested in more information on some of my favorite topics, you might want to check out some of the other places around the web that I have spent some time and effort .





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