That About Page .....About What???

 When you go to a website or a blog, do you make a point to check out the "About" page right away?  Do you read it at all?  Does it help to give you a view of the person, company, author, blog?? Or does it feel like a spiel of fluff and unimportant drivel put there for some sort of obligatory reason?   It's all about perspective isn't it.

What are you "about"?  Have you ever thought about it that way?  What do others think you are about?  I have had a variety of Amish friends over the years, and I recall hearing a story about an Amish custom for the young adults. It was said that they traditionally make handmade cards, like a business card, that is handed out to other similar aged Amish folks during community events when larger groups come together.  The card is meant to be a mini introduction tool. Not like the "English" style business card with a name, contact info and a business trade.  But more of a personal card that is filled in on the back to describe what the young adult was "about" what they find important, what they want their life to be "about". It's an interesting idea that caught my attention enough to still remember now even years later.

So, back to that "about page'  Does this blog need one?  Maybe?  Do you read them?

What am I about? 

Well, if you stick around and read this blog for long, you'll likely get a reasonably good idea.

To put it in a nutshell, I can say that I am about being a naturally minded, helpful soul who is always seeking to learn, grow, and enjoy helping others do the same.

My teens like to call that being a "decent human"  and a "mature and responsible adult"  I hope that most people consider me to be both.  I say "most people" because I am mature enough to realize that pleasing, impressing, and otherwise satisfying everyone is a basically a super human or impossible task. 

The other version of "about" typically tends toward interests, skills and job titles.

I have been given many titles over the years.  Life has taken me on a long and varied journey with many adventurous twists.  

I am Mother to 5, Teacher to those same 5 (home educating Mom), a midwife loving home birther, a life-long goat keeper, goat milker and goat midwife, a pastured poultry farmer with hunting and butchering experience, a permaculture style sustainable gardener, a home canning/preserving with efficiency style keeper, an herb gardener, an herbal medicine woman, an essential oil consultant, aromatherapist, a well experienced natural soapmaker, natural skin care chemist, alternative health teacher, a natural foods bulk club coordinator, a marketer of these skills and a aspiring blogger.  I have experienced marriage, divorce, loss of loved ones to cancer, single parenting, and a religious rollercoaster ride of doctrines from Wesleyan/ Baptist/independent/sabbath keeping/ feast keeping/ moon cycles/ Sacred name movement/ new moon feasts/ regular Christian radio show appearances and more.   

I have come to accept that everyone has their own opinion and their own experiences that shaped it. Since I haven't walked in their shoes, I don't have a right to judge their opinions so long as they don't infringe on my rights to hold my opinions.  I realize that some believe that is too weak, but after all I have seen and experiences, I believe that judgement is best left to God alone.

I hope you find my chatting to be interesting, helpful, insightful and encouraging as you walk you journey on this Earth.   

Thanks for stopping by.

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