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Who Is Blessed?

This is a poem that I memorized as a child to recite for performances with Children's Bible Hour. I was a part of CBH from age 3 to almost 16.  I don't know exactly what age I was when I memorized this poem (and many other poems and scripture texts), but my guess is sometime between age 10 and 14.  The age that I was at the time doesn't really matter at this point.  What is more noteworthy, is that even now, as an adult, I still remember this poem well enough to retell it.  In a world that has been acting rather irrational and crazy in the past year especially, this is a very good lesson that more adults ought to remember and share with their children.  Please read it over. The Thought at the bottom of this post is a my comment that I added in 2009 when I typed this up into a printed form for some purpose that I don't remember now.  But I still agree with that thought.  The poem itself is not my words, and unfortunately, I don't know who the author was.   I hope you