Are the Wasps Buzzing Your Yard Party? Natural Help Is Here!


                                 Natural Non-Toxic Wasp Killer Spray

Forget the toxic ant & wasp killer spays that make you hold your breath. Kill the invading wasps naturally without harming your lungs.


Non-Toxic Wasp Killer Spray

16oz trigger spray bottle, empty and clean.

1 cup dishwashing detergent (any good, strong, sudsy, brand you have on hand will do)

1 cup water

15ml (1/2 ounce) peppermint essential oil  (use 100% pure, strong, therapeutic quality brand not a diluted store brand and not a baking flavoring, no substitute options this is the active ingredient)  Check Out Killer Mint Blend from

Shake before using.


What’s Happening and Why It Works

The soap coats their bodies, with the menthol in the peppermint oil which suffocates them.  The water allows it to work in a sturdy spray bottle.

One spray with enough to coat them should stop them from flying and kill them in a couple minutes.

If you are scared of wasps, and if it doesn't kill them fast enough for your liking, add more peppermint essential oil.


Please remember – Honey bees are our friends, they don’t sting unless harassed and each bee can only sting once.  We need honey bee pollinators as part of the human food production process. If at all possible, give honey bees their space and protect their nests. There is a distinct and significant difference between honey bees and wasps in the way wasps react to people.  Wasps can be very aggressive to people and livestock and can sting repeatedly.  Protection from aggressive wasps is what this recipe is designed for.  Please use it wisely.  This recipe uses ingredients considered safe around people and livestock.  But always keep away from eyes and sensitive areas, do not ingest, and do not stand downwind of spray.


This recipe courtesy of the Suzanne at  

You can get Naturally Amazing Peppermint essential oil or the Super Potent "Killer Mint Blend"  and many other essential oils and natural skin care products and education at




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